“Pregnant from a man who refuses to marry and spend time together”

After the divorce, I met a new man and after a while became pregnant from him. It’s unpleasant for me to walk unmarried, but the partner says that this is only a formality that he does not want to observe. In addition, he constantly puts the phone with a screen down, and when I ask why, he replies that this is a habit.

On social networks does not add me. I know that at the same time he communicates with the former. I am arranging tantrums against this background. He does not take to his homeland because “mom needs to make repairs”. I don’t understand why a person behaves so secretly. We don’t even go for a walk together.

I once saw how he put a pack of condoms in the glove compartment in the car-after a while they found themselves in the armrest, one of the condoms was torn off, but not used. Either I decided not to change, or not protected.

I already think to leave, leave with my son to parents and equip your live there. I slept separately today, I woke up in the morning, took a shower, came to him, began to pester, and he removed my hands, said that they were waiting for him. Poured water, kissed and ran away. I feel that my legs are wiped about me, but I can’t understand where the truth.

Inna, what facts of your relationship with this man give you hope for a future happy life? A person takes care of you, helps, understands and shares his feelings? As he represents your life after the birth of a child? What is his relationship with your eldest son? Is it homework?

Try to understand your feelings, hear your thoughts, compare your condition before dating and now – you are happy? The first child you gave birth in a marriage? Was marriage formality for your husband or he consciously took responsibility, making an offer?

You are divorced. What caused? Probably getting divorced, you dreamed of a new relationship and a new family, some specific qualities that your ex-husband did not have. You have experience of married life, the experience of hopes and disappointments. By what principle did you choose a new partner? How well you knew him before getting pregnant?

Do your dreams and expectations come true with this man? Do you see him with a good father for children and a reliable husband for you? In the course of answers to questions, perhaps an awareness of the truth and reality of the situation will come.

Where and with whom it will be safer and more comfortable to give birth to a second child? Who can help raise the eldest son? How he now feels what he wants?

Try talking to your man. What does he think about your joint future? Does he know about your feelings and doubts?

Perhaps during

Hvis du moder os i flere ar, er det helt naturligt, at du vil vare i dine fantasier at forestille dig dig selv med din mand. I stedet for at opfinde en partner, kan du fokusere direkte pa handlingen. Du er sikker pa Kamagra denmark og derfor kan du vove dig pa usadvanlige eksperimenter. Bevidstheden om, hvad du kan inkorporere alle dine seksuelle fantasier i livet, vil kun anspore din fantasi.

the conversation the decision will be born, as everything will be clear and fall into place.






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