“5 years I wait for him to leave his wife”

I have a relationship with a married man for 5 years. A year ago his wife learned about us. We discussed that it is time to clarify the relationship, but everything remains still. He does not want to terminate our relationship and at the same time wants his wife herself to make a decision to divorce. I understand that this is utopia. Tell me how to talk to him so that he understands that he cannot continue forever?

Think how much you yourself are ready to be in such a situation. It seems to me that all three froze in indecision, not wanting to make decisions. The wife of your partner probably does not want and cannot leave. Maybe she is tolerant to betrayal and simply admits that


there may be some kind of relationship out of marriage.

And it is possible that you do not fully understand what a relationship is your man with his wife. Do you allow the idea that he never had such a plan – to divorce his wife and live with you? Five years is a very long time. During this time, one could make a decision if it were relevant.

In fact, it is not so important what your man wants or does not want. It is important what you want. Five years are almost “forever”. The man does not have a single incentive to change his life. It seems that he is ready to give the adoption of important decisions in his life in the hands of women. And it is likely that if the wife decides to divorce, he will live with you. And if you decide to leave, he will continue to live with his wife. But you need to understand whether this approach really suits you. Is this really what you want?






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